Do you want to see God?

Do you want to see to the sky and know exactly where God is?

Do you want to know what the three skin colors of God are?

Do you want to see, to believe?



Dare to see with your own eyes and discover the lies that you have always heard. Nothing will remain the same after the readings of the book



Guillermo Ramirez Bravo.


 Soon, in your book store.



Guillermo Ramirez Bravo, more popular as GRB is also known because he wrote a book in which he shows us the exact place where God is in the sky. He has desapeared in Montreal city, his enemies have called the police to denounce his desapearancy.

He can be in Toronto, Rio, In Pyon Yan, in Paris, Washington or elsewhere. How could he write a book to tell us where exactly God is? What did he do to discover this so exceptional news, living in a so difficult situation?

Is GRB a new messiah? Is he a philosopher? Is he a God messenger? or he is just a foolish man who has watched the sky like those people that discover new planets, new stars, storms and even the presence of God in the sky?

GRB is desapeared but he left his book FIRST MEETING in which we can know where God is, which are the three colors of God, and the place where we can exactly see him in the sky.

Maybe we will never see again GRB, but he left for us his terrible discovering that is going to change the perception of God in this century.

If we could change the title of his book FIRST MEETING we could add FIRST MEETING ...WITH GOD.

In the next days, FIRST MEETING will be in the tablets of your neighbor store.

Wait for it.


 where God is?

 He is somewhere there

 We are going to find him, too.

 Where God is, up there?

 I know, God is there.

 Where he is?

 I'm sure that I'm going to see him

 God is there, I can see him. 




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